About bugs that can be a function

This new limit may be retained in version 4.0. :jigsaw::smiley:

I really enjoyed the experience with this particular bug, I was very happy and really wouldn’t have thought it was a bug until it was removed. It’s not a room expansion, but it allows you to make a more dedicated and satisfying decoration; in the same place where the wall starts, inside the wall there was another floor line that allowed you to drag to the centre point of a piece of furniture.

For example, if a carpet that takes up six floors has its centre in a block on the side, you drag it to that line and the rest of the carpet can be left outside. Other examples include overlapping items, extra wall decoration, wall + floor joints, more depth at the edge of the wall, etc… etc…

I strongly recommend that if you can somehow enable this function, which I think has great potential for all creators to EXPAND CREATIVITY, both in flooring and wall decoration in this 2D world.

Ok, Now,

Another bug was the empty site, an option could be given to the creators - I don’t know what it would be like, but I have some suggestions to get our ideas started:

When creating a new room, be it small or large, the player has the extra option of paying to unlock lines on the empty side (outline of the lower vertex of the map). so it could be like the ex of 1k for 1 line, 2k for 2 lines, 5k for 3 lines… etc… etc… always paying an amount to be able to make a conclusion in that space

I don’t know if highrise is actually prepared for the sale of room size expansions, everyone knows that this is a delicate subject that could upset many players due to issues such as who bought land, creatures and others who have privileges that have not been mentioned before in past projects, all of which would radically change the entire structure of the game and partially remove the focus from clothing and fashion events, it would lead to demand for more new and diverse furniture items that we don’t yet have in 2D; such as COLLISION-FREE ITEMS; grass, water, smoke, lights, fire, stones, vegetation, etc… etc.

On the other hand, if you make a room expansion available by paying per member period - the old “member builder for days, months or years” situation - then you can edit in the expanded space and, in that case, you will be allowed to release the rooms with these expansions to the public; otherwise, the room will only be visible to the public if:

  1. you are prevented from exercising the role of builder member until you buy another golden pass.

  2. you and a minimum of your friends will be able to enter, but your builder member functions will be blocked until you buy another gold pass to be able to edit again. (more viable alternative)


*not straying too far from the main text I would like to draw your attention to the demand for builders that has grown, you see that with each passing season there has been no renewal for the 2D WORLD ‘building mode’, only the implementation of the 3D world and its burdens. I know that many want bigger empty rooms, but if we don’t even have basic functions yet such as opening and closing doors, pushing obstacles, pressing buttons and moving the object, interactions with objects, etc… in short … functions that come from the game itself, bot disabled.

I think these and many other suggestions will make the app a bit more fun, although profit comes first