Update: create.highrise.game and Python SDK Version 23.3.4

Dear all,

We are thrilled to announce the latest updates for Highrise Bots API and Python Bots SDK.

These updates mark the initial phase in our upcoming set of features for bots, which includes allowing bots to serve in rooms beyond their creators. At present it’s straightforward: simply visit the new page along the bots dashboard at
and explore all the rooms associated with your user. You can now invite any bot present in the game to access their respective rooms, and retract bot access from any room with similar ease.

This advancement allows the bot to enter your room and conduct usual bot operations, excluding room moderation and user privilege alterations. We understand these actions could be disruptive, hence, we are ensuring secure operability before making them accessible. Please note the invitees are required to operate their bot codes as earlier, and a bot can still connect to only one room at a time, so plan accordingly.

For now, users can extend invites to up to five bots for their rooms. The conventional bot limit for creators still remains; however, rest assured as our systems are upgraded to foster bot sharing, these limits will increase.

For bot creators, should your bot be invited to another user’s room, you can promptly connect your bot there by replacing the room id with the invitee’s room id in the command line. The same API key as before can be used for your bot. Keep in mind this type of invite only extends room access to that specific bot and none of your other bots.

In terms of the SDK, a minor update has been made to optimize bots’ functionality, and although the upgrade isn’t critical. Additionally, unsupported options for purchasing tokens and voice commands have been removed.

As always, the new SDK version can be installed via pip:

pip install highrise-bot-sdk==23.3.4

Enjoy programming!


Suggestion for this dashboard page, I see that the page already has room_id info. Could there be a “copy room_id” button next to each room for purposes of easily getting ID similar to bot’s api key?