Another wild idea

What about scriptable room decor? This would give the ability to create things like marquees, real time score boards, leader boards, as well as add some interaction possibilities like user defined buttons and such.

I think controls for this could be either exposed through the botapi, or perhaps a new class of bot could be created that doesn’t load an avatar but simply controls scriptable items in the room. Or perhaps even both options.

It would take some doing I’m sure. It’s not going to be implemented in the short term. Just throwing the idea out there though because I think that it would open up many doors for users to build increasingly unique experiences in their rooms.



I’m seeing things like objects that have multiple states that can be iterated. This would be like maybe doors that can open or close, or lights that can be turned on or off. The api would expose methods to get/set those states for the available items.

Poster type items could allow for more dynamic content manipulation. The api could allow submission of html that could be rendered for their display. Security considerations would apply, but if pulled off properly this could give users a lot of control of the item’s appearance and behavior over time.

This will be available in Highrise 4.0, included in the worlds. As the rooms will be designed in 3D, you will have access to LUA scripting, allowing you to interact with the API, create UIs, and develop other interesting scripts. Also, sorry for seeing this post late :grinning:


Think its already here in studio 0.2.2 . Cant wait to start experimenting on them!

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