Highrise Studio 0.1.4

What’s new?

  • The World Builder has been rebranded to Highrise Studio.
  • The UI has received a visual overhaul.
  • Login now supports 2-Factor Authentication.
  • The scripting API now uses camelCase and has been refactored to work more similarly to other LUA APIs and standards.
    • hr. is the default namespace for all Highrise services, IE: hr.time.deltaTime or hr.players.getPlayers.
    • entity gets the current entity the script is attached to.
    • room gets the current room the entity is in.
    • script gets the current script, this gets properties more explicitly: local number = script.MyCustomNumber.
    • transform is the same as entity.transform.
    • .create<Type> is the new standard for object creation. (entity.createEntity() )(hr.ui.createLabel()) This makes things more explicit with less “string-y” APIs.
    • vector3 is our only DataType at the moment, however, these are not objects and new ones are made through <Type>.new, so vector3.new(0, 0, 0).
    • Player & Local Player are now scripts that are automatically attached to the root of the avatar instead of being attached prefabs.
    • LuaGlobals (previously LuaUnityModules) is now reserved for global keywords instead of being a catchall for Instantiate (which is removed for the create<Type> style).

What’s been patched?

  • Anchors that are attached to a room itself will be disabled upon entering Play Mode. (This should no longer prevent you from tapping things in the world.)
  • Entities will no longer remain selected and interactable when you switch to another room tab.
  • The source of your world will now display the folder name of your project in the asset list.
  • Changes made to prefabs that are within other prefabs will now persist.
  • Shortcuts will now only interact with the area that’s in focus.
  • General improvements around opening and creating projects.