BUILDER TRAP 1.0 - Highrise!?

Hi guys :)

stornn here, I’m going to introduce you to an updated trap project (builder’s trap 1) that may exist in the distant future - hopefully not so much

In addition to static directions, it will be possible to make traps chase the player.

In principle, without the need to add 8 directions, extra animations or rotation on the way back. In order not to be so labour-intensive and to avoid extra bugs in the testing phase.

the alternative is to chase the player until they leave the trap zone, and then we could choose it as a line, radians or height level.

To have more types of traps, different designs and variations, the options on the screen would be simple, with the addition of:

Projeto (20240311052206)

[speed] [diameter]

[speed] [length] [width]

[speed] [up] [down]

extra vision


and from there you had more creativity and imagination! :kissing_smiling_eyes::palm_up_hand::sparkles::package: