Concept: Colorful grabs /furniture

hi, not surprising i add this to canny, im making edits how it could looks like for creature grabs or user grabs or event grabs customizable, i would like to create some furni

tell me if its possible or if its innapropiated for a forum, new furni is fantastic, users ask for more furniture, they want more belonging to something and hr is the place were all could be express theirselves, rooms could fit to them, to a particular topic a a pag or a humble cozy house, modern, vaporwave all styles matter,

ty for your attention, feel free to add any comment about this, have nice day <3


Hey there! I’m hoping there will be more possibilities for furniture once the game engine built in Unity is fully launched. We may have a little ways to go for furniture concepts but I’d love to see what ideas you have in mind! :blush:


Hi, @mordabula! Feel free to share your projects and creations here, this is the pruporse of this forum. We can discuss how to improve and share ideas :blush:


I must say, the Museum of Ice Cream furniture collaboration was a wonderful treat. I love that you can sit on top of the slide and walk down the slide. I can only imagine what possibilities lie once the the Unity engine is finished :slight_smile: