Studio Package 0.9.0

Hello creators, we have another big feature release for you today!

What’s New

  • Voice Voice support has arrived for Worlds! Now all worlds have voice support enabled by default and your users can freely join audio channels and use their mics to communicate. Worlds do not need voice tokens to activate voice chat. We’ve also introduced the Channels API to give you, the World creator, control over privileges and create multiple communication channels to organize the users in the room.

    Publish an update of your World with the latest 0.9.0 Studio Package to enable this feature.

  • Anchors You can finally sit in 3D! Anchors have been added for sitting, etc.

  • Owned Rooms With app version 4.9.0, users can now create their own (3D) Rooms (instances) within Worlds, as opposed to being randomly assigned a Room. 3D Room creation is either free or paid, and the World Creator can charge a subscription for having a Room. This can be configured via the Create Portal Dashboard.

  • Added Character.MoveToAnchor to move a character to an anchor

  • Added OffMeshLink support to allow jumping, teleporting, etc via OffMeshLinks

  • Added Time.serverTime which is a synchronized time across all clients

  • Added Character.TeleportToAnchor to teleport a character directly to an anchor

  • Added Character.JumpTo to perform a jump from the current location to a given location

  • Added Load methods to UIUserThumbnail to support showing a thumbnail of users by userId or player

  • Added support for more UI toolkit style structures

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some emotes failing to load due to missing bones
  • Fixed Transform.SetParent(nil) to properly remove the parent
  • Fixed virtual player clicking when game window is in simulator mode
  • Fixed Mini profile in virtual players so it openes in the virutal player window
  • Fixed playing emotes from virtual player so they play on the virtual player properly
  • Fixed world user interface not rendering after being diabled and reenabled

Studio Package 0.9.1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed exceptions with NPCs
  • Fixed exceptions when switching between 3d and 2d worlds
  • Fixed Anchor.entered and Anchor.exited not always firing
  • Fixed bug causing avatars to spawn under the world
  • Fixed various path finding bugs

Studio Package 0.9.2

What’s New

  • Added new RegisterGesture method to VisualElement which allows registering gesture handlers such as TapGesture and DragGesture
  • Added Transform.Find method on server

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed deep links not working.
  • Fixed crash when destroying a spatial audio source.
  • Fixed Component.gameObject returning the Transform instead of GameObject in server scripts.
  • Fixed Transform.Find not working in server scripts.
  • Fixed issue where Virtual Player windows would not update cameras when enabling or disabling.
  • Fixed Transform.TweenLocalPosition incorrectly operating in world space.
  • Fixed case where character would not move to anchor.
  • Fixed a crash when destroying an object that has an unregistered event connection.
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