Highrise Studio Package 0.8.1

Hello Creators! Another big update with new features and bug fixes dropping today:

What’s New

  • Added GetComponent, GetComponentInParent, and GetComponentInChildren methods on server
  • Added Object.Destroy method on server
  • Added TableValue
  • Added support for negative numbers as the default value of number serialized fields
  • Added support for default values of vector serialized fields
  • Added support for spatial audio
  • Added Audio:SetListenerPositionAndRotation method to controler listener for spatial audio
  • Added emote selector to outfit editor with button to copy emote identifier
  • Added warning messages for unrecognized attributes --!XX
  • Added button to the left of the play button to easily add virtual players
  • Added prefixes to logs to show which source they came from (Client, Server, Virtual Player)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug causing file copy error when opening a studio project on a clean computer
  • Fixed bug preventing multiple studio projects from being opened at the same time
  • Fixed bug with Character.SetIdle and Character.Teleport that would not stop movement if not using pathfinding
  • Fixed bug causing a timer to continue running after its host behaviour is destroyed
  • Fixed bug preventing OnDestroy from being called on client behaviours
  • Fixed bug with serialized fields that started with _ or m_
  • Fixed bug when --!Bind was used in a non UI script
  • Fixed crash using .transform or .gameObject on a script before the script is run
  • Improved error reporting in lua including call stacks
  • Virtual players are now assigned a consistent userid to make testing local storage easier