Highrise Studio Package 0.5.0

Hello Creators! We have another big update to the studio package today, in preparation of opening up the release flow to allow everyone to make their worlds public.

Note you will need to re-upload your world with the 0.5.0 Studio Package in order to release them to the public.

Here are the big changes in 0.5.0:

  • Publish Button changed to Upload
  • Organizations removed
  • Tags, Layers, and Sorting layers should now work when publishing
  • Added gizmo to TapHandler to set the MoveTo distance
  • Disabled/Destroyed game objects or scripts will no longer still call Update
  • TapHandler MoveTo is now more reliable on larger objects
  • Physics gravity setting is now included when publishing
  • Avatar’s default size increased to better match world size
  • Fixed occasional error when publishing worlds
  • Custom WorldPrefab and ScenePrefab in settings will now publish properly
  • PlayerConnected event will now be called for all players even in scene scripts
  • Lua stability improvements