Highrise Studio Package 0.4.11

Hey Creators! :wave: We’re excited to announce the public beta release of Studio, now with the ability to publish your worlds to Highrise! Here are some updates for version 0.4.11, packed with new features to supercharge your creativity:

Multiple Scene Support

Now you can create and manage multiple scenes within your projects! Place players in different scenes for unique gameplay experiences and streamline your development process.

Chat API

Introducing the new Chat API, allowing players to join chat channels for team communication, collaboration, and community engagement.

Modules Enhancement

We’ve improved the Module script type to act as a singleton behavior, providing easier access and integration within your projects.

Improved Virtual Player

Enhancements to the virtual player system to allow virtual players to be added and removed at any time for smoother testing and debugging.

Remote Functions

Simplify communication between clients and servers with the introduction of Remote Functions, streamlining interaction and data exchange.

Server Side Prefabs

Instantiate and synchronize prefabs on the server across all clients for enhanced multiplayer experiences.

New Client/Server Lifecycle Methods

Streamline your networked scripts with new lifecycle methods tailored for client/server interactions.


Introducing the Tween API for easy and lightweight programmatic animations, bringing your projects to life with dynamic movement and effects.


Easily add indicators above characters or objects for visual cues and interactive elements in your games.

Highrise World Settings

Simplified and reworked Highrise settings within Project Settings for easier configuration of world and scene prefabs:

  • World Prefab This world prefab is instantiated when the world is loaded on both client and server. This prefab will be instantiated only once and acts as a bootstrap for worlds. The default world prefab will automatically load the first scene in the scenes list and move all players into that scene.
  • Scene Prefab The scene prefab is automatically instantiated when any scene other than the world scene is loaded. This prefab generally contains functionality for controlling the player, etc, that is common within your game.
  • Hide Virtual Player Scenes This option when enabled will hide the additional scenes that are loaded in the hierarchy window when using virtual players. This is on by default, disable if you want to debug issues occurring in your virtual players scenes.
  • Scenes To facilitate multiple scene support you can now list the scenes you want included in your world here as well as some meta data such as the loading screen to use when switching.

To get started, check out our step-by-step guide to Creating Your First World.

These tools are still in beta, and we’d love to hear your feedback to help us improve, so post here and let us know what you think. We can’t wait to see how you use these new features to create even more amazing experiences within Studio!


Roxy and the Studio Team


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