Studio Package 0.8.0

We’re back with another BIG Studio Package update. This one changes and optimized a lot of things under the hood.

Here are the list of changes and bug fixes:

What’s New

  • NPCs. You can now create and control your own NPCs. We’ve also added the ability for you to setup and control their outfits directly within Highrise Studio.

    • Added support for building outfits within studio
    • Added apis for controlling outfits on characters
  • New Unity APIs. We’ve reworked the under-the-hood systems connecting Highrise Studio and Unity to expose many new Unity APIs.

  • Significantly improved compile time when changing and creating new lua files

  • Enabled support for creating custom editors for lua components

  • Added support for negative values to Storage.IncrementValue api

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would cause lua behaviour properties to reset when you had a lua compile error
  • Fixed bugs causing prefab overrides to not make it to published builds
  • Fixed bug causing long running worlds to start to have networking issues such as desync and triggers not working
  • Fixed bug that would cause the time on the server to be incorrect when running in studio