Highrise Studio Hub + Package 0.2.2

Hey there Creators!

We’re here with another exciting update to further elevate your creative process :partying_face:

Studio Package 0.2.2 & Studio Hub 0.2.2!

Hub for MacOS
Hub for Windows

Wait, what’s a Studio?

For those of you who may not have heard, WorldBuilder has re-branded to Highrise Studio. You might be saying, “Okay, but still. What?” Let’s break it down:

  1. Highrise Studio is now two parts that work together, a (Unity) Package and a Hub application.
  2. The Studio Package is what gives you all of the wonderful Highrise features. It’s a Unity package that is added to the Unity Editor that pulls in all of our technology. Why? Think of it like having all of the features you had in the old WorldBuilder, but now with the added benefit of many Unity features. You can now build your Highrise content directly inside of Unity!
  3. Hub is a slim application that is there to help you manage everything outside of creating, such as installing the correct Unity version, creating and managing your projects, and links to helpful tools.

Once you’ve downloaded Hub, everything will be accessed and managed from there. We know this may be a shift for some, so please reach out if you have any questions!

What’s new?

  • Now running on Unity 2022.3.20f1
  • Text chat is back!
  • Can now publish worlds (playable only on HR 4.3.x once that is released)
  • Custom shaders via shader graph are now supported
  • Many new lua apis including those to support audio, particles, and camera controls
    • Note: Highrise will spawn an AudioListeners into the scene, so don’t add an extra one yourself or else Unity will get upset!
  • Unity physics handlers added to Lua: self.OnTriggerEnter/Stay/Exit and self.OnCollisionEnter/Stay/Exit
  • Auto complete for lua in the Visual Studio Code IDE can be found here
  • Lua scripts can be added to objects more easily via drag/drop or the AddComponent menu instead of requiring a LuaBehaviour on the object first
  • BETA: Using the Highrise < Windows < Virtual Player menu, you can spawn a window that acts as a mock client that connects to your world when entering play mode in Unity. An essential tool for multiplayer testing
  • The camera is no longer forced to be the Highrise standard camera and will no longer be spawned by default. Instead, you can make your own camera controls or use ours by adding a Unity Camera to your scene and clicking AddComponent to attach a “Highrise Camera Controller” to it
  • The Unity scene will no longer lose its changes when hitting play without saving first
  • Custom shaders via shader graph are now supported
  • Studio Hub has an improved Unity and package installation flow with a new look

When updating the Studio Unity Package in an existing project:

  1. Open the Package Manager in the Unity project by going to Window/Package Manager
  2. Make sure the “Packages: ” dropdown at the top is set to In Project
  3. Locate “Highrise Studio”
  4. Click “Update to 0.2.2” in the top right
  5. You will have to restart Unity so that it can refresh its .dll files
  6. If you run into errors, reimport the Studio package and once again restart Unity

We absolutely cannot wait to see what you all create with these new tools and. As always, please let us know in the discord if you have any questions :slight_smile:

It’s dangerous to create alone, take this!
~ Pocket Steve


Perfect! Cant wait to try it out! Been waiting for it!


I know you’ve been waiting for that can’t wait to see what you create !! Sorry I couldn’t help you sooner as I’ve been a world builder studio tester I haven’t played enough in it to give you accurate info.

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How do we publish the world? Im having hard time connecting pieces, also some people already can enter 3d worlds? I don’t know how I miss these things! If there is a beta or tester version, how do I get into it? I would love to!


I don’t believe publishing worlds is currently available as they are still working on it. It was available before without using the Unity editor. You can access the worlds on mobile or PC after installing the latest version of the game. Make sure to update your game and try again.


We just released an update to the Studio Package (0.4.11) that enables publishing your world! Check out the guides to getting started, and publishing [here] (Highrise Create Portal) and here