Studio Package 0.6.8

Hello Creators! We’ve got another big update today with lots of requested features. Let’s dig in!

What’s New

  • Highrise Asset Catalog Now you have access to hundreds of pre-made assets and smart objects you can drag and drop into your world. Stay tuned for the ability to publish your own assets to the catalog to be released soon

  • Unity ProBuilder Package Support Added support for ProBuilder. With ProBuilder, you can build, edit, and texture custom geometry in Unity with the actions and tools available in the ProBuilder package. You can also use ProBuilder to help with in-scene level design, prototyping, collision Meshes, and play-testing. Note: The ProBuilder scripting API with C# scripts is not supported

  • UI Support Added support for UI via Lua UIView behaviours. Documentation to come soon

  • Timers Added new Timer Lua object. Timers are automatically bound to the behaviour they were created in similar to how coroutines behave in unity. This means if the behaviour is destroyed they are automatically destroyed as well. Timers will continue to run as long as their interval has not elapsed, even if no references to the timer exist in the script and will automatically be collected when appropriate.

  • Added Character.speed

  • Added linear movement to characters when agent is disabled via MoveTo

  • Build Status now available inside Studio

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with Lua script properties losing or changing values when used with prefabs
  • Fixed bug causing ClientStart to get called multiple times or not at at all
  • All custom lua behaviours are now registered as global types to enable calls such as GetComponent to work with them
  • Character.MoveTo should work without an agent or when the agent is disabled
  • Other bug fixes

0.6.11 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when entering play mode with one ore more Virtual Player(s) active
  • Virtual Players will no longer overlap on large scenes
  • Virtual Players will no longer generate navmesh errors in the console and fail to generate nav mesh data on larger scenes
  • Fixed exception in Asset Catalog when exiting play mode
  • Asset Catalog will now automatically open on new projects

Note builds uploaded with this Studio Package will require Highrise client version 4.5.3 or higher.

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