Highrise Studio Package 0.3.0

Howdy Creators, :cowboy_hat_face:

Coming at you with another update! This time with a lot more focus on bug fixes, API updates, and audio :loud_sound: :ear:

  • All things “Avatar” in Lua have been renamed to “Character” to be more generic:
    • IE: AvatarInstantiated → CharacterInstantiated
    • IE: player.avatar → player.character
  • AudioShaders - A new asset introduced to bring more customization to your audio clips! Add one to your project by right clicking in the Project tab of Unity and going Create → Highrise → Audio → Audio Shader
  • Introduces the Audio service that allows you to play the new AudioShader assets and even get the intensity of music played by this service
  • Basic room info tab to see who’s in the room (Beta)
  • Can once again long press Avatars :point_up_2:
  • Duplicating GameObjects with a lua script on them no longer results in only one of them working on the server side
  • Movement indicators are back ! !
  • HighriseCameraController is now a Vertical Plane camera controller with yaw clamping (like the Highrise Mall camera). If you prefer the old camera, it is now called RTSCamera and can be found in the Add Component menu
  • Don’t forget to upgrade your Visual Studio Code Highrise extension! We’ve added plenty of upgrades
  • Various bug fixes
  • Breaking change to Behaviour events syntax! This is a simpler and more direct way to set all the basic unity behaviour events like Start, Update, OnTriggerEnter, etc


    -- your code


function self:Update()
    -- your code

This update only updates the Highrise Studio Package, not the Hub launcher, so all you need to do to update Highrise Studio is:

  1. Open Window → Package Manager in the Unity project
  2. Make sure the “Packages: ” dropdown at the top is set to “In Project”
  3. Locate “Highrise Studio”
  4. Click the Update button in the top right
  5. If you run into errors, we recommend restarting your Unity

As always, we appreciate all of your feedback and hit us up in the discord for any and all help :slight_smile:

~ Pocket Steve


Known Issues

  • self.transform can cause lua script errors. self.gameObject.transform is a workaround as we work on fix for this
  • HighriseCameraController does not work on VirtualPlayers when testing multiplayer