Release: SDK Version 23.2.0

Update: SDK Version 23.2.0

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce a minor update to our SDK today. Though it might be small, we hope it’s going to make a significant impact, as it introduces a long-anticipated feature: Bot Tipping.

You can install the new SDK version as usual using pip install:

pip install highrise-bot-sdk==23.2.0

What’s New: Bots can now tip users! You can enable your bot to tip users using the tip_user method:

self.highrise.tip_user(, "gold_bar_10")

The tipped values are represented in gold bars. Here are the available denominations:

  • “gold_bar_1”
  • “gold_bar_5”
  • “gold_bar_10”
  • “gold_bar_50”
  • “gold_bar_100”
  • “gold_bar_500”
  • “gold_bar_1k”
  • “gold_bar_5000”
  • “gold_bar_10k”

Please note:

  • Gold bars are subject to the standard Highrise tax
  • Your bot needs to have sufficient funds available to purchase them

Remember, only the bot’s wallet will be used for all tipping activities, so please ensure your bot has available funds. Note that the user receiving the tip will receive the gold value, not the gold bar itself.

We’re also introducing a slight change in how we designate our SDK versions. In this case, with 23.2.0, if the minor version (2) is updated, this signifies new features added to the library. An update to the micro version (0) indicates a hotfix.

We hope you find this new functionality helpful. Let’s create some rich experiences together!

Happy coding!