Python SDK Version 23.3.1 & Bot API Update


We have some exciting news! We’ve released a minor update to the Python SDK and made some significant upgrades to the Bot API, mainly concerning the handling of gold.

Python SDK Update

Let’s begin with the smaller updates. The UserJoinedEvent will now also display the user’s position when they join a room. This has been a long-standing request from the community, so we hope this added feature will simplify certain operations in the room. Following this update, the Python SDK user join callback will now include position information:

async def on_user_join(
    self, user: User, position: Position | AnchorPosition
) -> None:

Bot API Update

Moving on to the larger changes, we have overhauled how bots earn and handle gold, and how bot owners can withdraw the gold their bots earn. For those unfamiliar with the concept, “earned gold” is a new concept Highrise has introduced for creators. Read more about this new feature here.

Here’s what’s changing:

  • Any gold that bots receive via tips from other users will count as earned gold.
  • This earned gold will function the same as regular gold and can be used by your bots for operations such as buying boosts, tipping other users, buying items, etc.
  • Bot functionality will remain the same. If you wish for your bot to operate as it did prior to these changes, you do not need to make any changes. Your effective amount of gold will remain the same.
  • We are introducing the option to withdraw earned gold from bots to owners. Please be aware that this will incur a 30% platform fee.
  • If you wish to withdraw bot gold as you’ve done before, you can continue doing so and there will be no penalties for any combination of earned gold and regular gold withdrawals.
  • These options can be accessed via the bot dashboard under the Withdraw/Deposit section.
  • Be aware that depositing gold from your personal wallet to your bots is only possible for regular gold, not earned gold.

Finally, the Bot API has been updated to reflect these changes, so GetWalletRequest will now display the sum of your bot’s earned gold and regular gold combined as “effective gold.”

We’ve also fixed an issue with the Bot API, so TipReactionEvent is now emitted when a bot receives a tip via an inbox message and not just in-room tipping.

While these changes do not require an immediate update due to the minor version update, we recommend upgrading to make use of the new position feature in on_user_join callback.

Happy Coding!