Update: Python SDK Version 23.3.2

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce now update for Highrise Bots API and python bots SDK

As always you can update the SDK package using

pip install highrise-bot-sdk==23.3.2

This update brings one new event type and few tweaks to python SDK, so lets dive into it:

Bot API can now emmit RoomModeratedEvent. This event is triggered when a moderation action occurs in the room bot is present. Event will provide bot with data about user who did action, who the target was, type of action and duration if needed.

Lets check python SDK example used in SDK:

class RoomModeratedEvent:
   moderatorId: str
   targetUserId: str
   moderationType: Literal["kick", "mute", "unmute", "ban", "unban"]
   duration: int | None

Users of SDK can use new event handler on_moderate to easily interact with event:

    async def on_moderate(
        moderator_id: str,
        target_user_id: str,
        moderation_type: Literal["kick", "mute", "unmute", "ban", "unban"],
        duration: int | None,
    ) -> None:
            f"Moderation: {moderator_id} {target_user_id} {moderation_type} {duration}"

Note that some events like “kick” will not have duration set as its not applicable

Another tweak for bots is added discord_handle field in the User model, now when retrieving user profile his discord handle will be returned if one is connected to user.

And lastly when starting multiple bots from the same process time delay has been loosened both on server and in python SDK, bots from same user can now connect with just one second delay.

This version contains updated data models for the data API so upgrade is recommended!

Happy coding!


A small update has been released to Python SDK : 23.3.3
It contains tweak for webapi, as it now returns discord_id instead of username.

you can install it using pip install highrise-bot-sdk==23.3.3

Have fun!