Python SDK Update: Version 23.3.0

SDK Update: Version 23.3.0 - Enhanced Bot Customization and Data Access

We’re thrilled to roll-out the the latest update to our Software Development Kit (SDK). The centerpiece of this update is the expanded capability in bot appearance with several new bot actions and API data. It marks a significant step forward in enhancing bot customization and broadening the scope of data accessibility.

To install the updated SDK - version 23.3.0, use pip install as usual:

pip install highrise-bot-sdk==23.3.0

Greater Bot Customization

Customize your bots’ appearance with the following new bot actions:

  • Fetch Bot Inventory: self.highrise.get_inventory(), returns a list of items that the bot has in its inventory.
  • Fetch Bot Outfit: self.highrise.get_outfit(), provides a list of currently equipped items.
  • Change Bot Outfit: self.highrise.set_outfit(outfit), equips the input list of items. Bots can equip either free items or items in their own inventory.
  • Buy Clothing Items for the Bot: self.highrise.buy_item(item_id), purchases the specified item from Highrise using the bot’s own wallet.

Note that not all items are available for purchase, and bots can only equip items—they can’t trade them. As a result, there’s no need to buy an item more than once.

To fully leverage these new functions, we recommend visiting this detailed guide on optimizing bot appearances:
Create portal - change bot appearance

Expanded API Data Accessibility

In addition to the bot improvements, new features have been added for fetching items and grab data:

  • Fetch specific item: self.webapi.get_item(), retrieves data for a specific item using its id.
  • Fetch list of items: self.webapi.get_items(), returns a list of items.
  • Fetch specific grab: self.webapi.get_grab(), retrieves data for a specific grab using its id.
  • Fetch list of grabs: self.webapi.get_grabs(), returns a list of grabs.

This update is designed to increase the richness and interactivity of your bots. We are excited to see what creative experiences you will develop with this new functionality.

Happy coding!