Priority for next API updates

Anyone feel free to add their ideas in replies

Bot API:

  1. Access to tip jar tip events (amount + User object)
  2. Access to info about Spectators in room through get_room_users. The GetRoomUsersResponse object having an additional “spectators” variable likely with this structure: list[User] would be ideal
  3. The on_message function giving a User object rather than just user_id would be good if possible
  4. Change room info, name/directory/access etc. through API

Web API:

  1. Adding a ‘hashtag’ parameter to get_posts so we can see only posts from x hashtag
  2. Event data API: Get info on all events, past scores / ranks if possible for crews/users. Most importantly ticket score/rank info on the currently active event
  3. A get_crews + get_crew which returns a list of crews/info on a single crew respectively


  1. Bots being unsearchable in-game after updating their username/bio
  2. Issue where for some users opening a conversation with a bot (for the first time) spams the user with “Conversation not found” and doesn’t let them DM - unfortunately don’t have knowledge on how to repeat this bug consistently
  3. Teleporting updating the visible position for all users who aren’t in the room when it happens. Sometimes if a user is teleported, and then someone joins a room, their visible position is not consistent with everyone else who was in room when it happened

Finally could we get an idea (as much as allowed) of the structure of what data HR keeps that could be accessible through webAPI? Might give more ideas of what we could build/do in the future, thankyou!


Amazing feedback, @aprilcat! I really wish they add/fix these suggestions as soon as possible, and if I may add to your feedback some of my personal thoughts:

Bot API:
• If in the same room as the bot, the tip_user method could show the tip animation.

Web API:
• Possibility retrieve all free items with the Rarity set as None, currently only retrieves some of the free items, most of the items marked as None_ in the Highrise Catalog aren’t retrieved by the WebAPI.

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Thanks for the feedback! We will look into implementing these