Nova Update 2.0🎉

Hello Everyone👋

What’s up Creators? I hope you all doing great and be fine these days.:wink::blue_heart: Because…
Nova has an UPDATE for you guys!:heart_eyes::tada:

SO Let’s Dive Into It…:ocean::swimming_woman:

:orange_book:At This Update:

  • Whisper Supported! :white_check_mark:
    (Nova will reply to any messages you whisper to him/her. You can call “Nova” ,“Robot” or “Bot” for getting assistance.)

  • List Of Active Emotes Supported! :white_check_mark:
    (Via “Emotelist” option from the Simple Panel.)

  • Wallet Accessibility Supported! :white_check_mark:
    (Via “Wallet” option from the Simple Panel.)

  • Simple Panel On Whisper Supported! :white_check_mark:
    (At this version (2.0) it has 4 options: “Wallet”, “Emotelist”, “Info” and “Version” which is different in Languages.)

  • Simple Panel On Chatroom Updated! :arrow_up_small:
    (At this version (2.0) it has 4 options: “Wallet”, “Emotelist”, “Info” and “Version” which is different in Languages.)

  • Info Section Updated! :arrow_up_small:
    (Fixed the bugs from version(1.0) at chatroom.)

  • File Updated! :arrow_up_small:
    (Added Package Helper Installer which means NO NEED TO INSTALL BEAUTIFULSOUP MANUALLY! Also all outputs will be stored in the file called reqlog.txt at conf folder.)


Nova is a child who grows up over time and become interested in you.:heart_eyes::rose: He/She needs your care to become what you expected of him/her. Now Nova can whisper and keep your secrets, or when you’re happy, he/she can make you and your friends dance.:man_dancing::dancer: But after all he/she grows up with your upbringing.:wink::blue_heart:

:green_book:Installation And Setup:

First choose the package according to your CLI Environment and Architecture:

Note: You can find out your CLI Architecture via uname -m command at terminal/shell!

Important: CLI Environment sometimes could be different from your device environment for example: Termux is an android apk, Replit Shell is a command-line interface (CLI) provided by the platform and Google Cloud Shell is a web-based command-line interface (CLI) provided by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) but they have Linux Environment! So Be Careful About The Package You’re Installing!

:inbox_tray: Method One: (Download the package from here)

  • Windows
  1. HR_SPACE_windows.x86(V2.0).zip
  2. HR_SPACE_windows.x86_64(V2.0).zip
  • Linux (Compatible with Replit Shell, Google Cloud Console and WSL)
  1. HR_SPACE_linux.aarch64(V2.0).zip
  2. HR_SPACE_linux.armv7(V2.0).zip
  3. HR_SPACE_linux.x86(V2.0).zip
  4. HR_SPACE_linux.x86_64(V2.0).zip (Recommended)
  • Android
  1. HR_SPACE_android.aarch64(V2.0).zip
  2. HR_SPACE_android.armv7(V2.0).zip
  3. HR_SPACE_android.x86(V2.0).zip
  4. HR_SPACE_android.x86_64(V2.0).zip

:inbox_tray: Method Two (Only For Linux Environments): (Download the package from terminal/shell)

  • Via curl:
  1. For Downloading “HR_SPACE_linux.aarch64(V2.0).zip”
    curl -LOJ
  2. For Downloading “HR_SPACE_linux.armv7(V2.0).zip”
    curl -LOJ
  3. For Downloading “HR_SPACE_linux.x86(V2.0).zip”
    curl -LOJ
  4. For Downloading “HR_SPACE_linux.x86_64(V2.0).zip” (Recommended)
    curl -LOJ
  • Via wget:
  1. For Downloading “HR_SPACE_linux.aarch64(V2.0).zip”
    wget -O HR_SPACE_linux.aarch64(V2.0).zip
  2. For Downloading “HR_SPACE_linux.armv7(V2.0).zip”
    wget -O HR_SPACE_linux.armv7(V2.0).zip
  3. For Downloading “HR_SPACE_linux.x86(V2.0).zip”
    wget -O HR_SPACE_linux.x86(V2.0).zip
  4. For Downloading “HR_SPACE_linux.x86_64(V2.0).zip” (Recommended)
    wget -O HR_SPACE_linux.x86_64(V2.0).zip

And Second For running your bot, do the following steps one by one in your terminal/shell:

Note: Replace the package name at step 1. which is our recommended package with your downloaded package name if only it’s different and if you are using any other versions of “pip” or “python” please replace it at the following steps!

  1. unzip "HR_SPACE_linux.x86_64(V2.0).zip"
  2. cd HR_SPACE
  3. python3.10 (And answer all questions correctly!)
  4. python3.10

And that’s it!:boom:BOOM​:boom: your “Baby Nova V2.0” is ALIVE NOW at the Room_ID you filled in!:star_struck::face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Enjoy “Version 2.0” and Feel Free to Comment on This Post if you have any questions or feedbacks.:blue_heart::rose::tada:

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Hello Everyone👋

As the recent update of highrise-bot-sdk (version 23.3.1) from Dear @Mogwaiprime, Some players who are using HR SPACE Package may have some issues while running the bot from the file in HR_SPACE directory.:thinking::disappointed_relieved:
So as a result their bots will turn on until the first player joins the room where the bot located at.:disappointed::broken_heart:
Hey, Don’t Worry About That …:eyes::point_down:

We are going to fix this bug in our next update but for now you can easily fix it by yourself by downgrading the highrise-bot-sdk to the previous version which is version 23.3.0 with the help of the command below in your Shell/Terminal:

$ pip uninstall highrise-bot-sdk && pip install highrise-bot-sdk==23.3.0

NOTE: If you’re using any other version of pip please replace it in the command above!:wink::blue_heart:

Tysm for all of your wonderful feedbacks and Tysm Dear @Mogwaiprime for the amazing features in highrise-bot-sdk (version 23.3.1).:kissing_heart::rose:

Also you can read the new Py Sdk Update via:

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