Nova Update 3.0👨‍🚀🎉

Hello Everyone👋

What’s up Creators? I hope you all doing well and be fine these days.:wink::blue_heart: Because…
Nova has another UPDATE with some amazing features for you guys!:rocket::tada:

SO Let’s Dive Into it…:ocean::man_swimming:

:orange_book:At This Update:

  • Walking & Sitting Supported! :white_check_mark:
    (Via “Movements” option from the Simple Panel.)

  • Direct Message Supported! :white_check_mark:
    (Nova will reply to any messages you directly send to him/her. You can call “Nova”, “Robot” or “Bot” for getting assistance.)

  • Random Emote On Join Supported! :white_check_mark:
    (While a user joins a room which Nova exists, the user and Nova will dance together.)

  • Premium Subscription Supported! :white_check_mark:
    (Features like 24/7 Uptime and more all in Monthly Premium Subscriptions.)

  • 24/7 Uptime Supported! :white_check_mark:
    (Via “HR-SPACE Server Connector” Only For Premium Users.)

  • 2-Step Verfication Supported! :white_check_mark:
    (Our best Verfication Service for activating Premium Subscription for users.)

  • User Verfication Supported! :white_check_mark:
    (Verifying if a user exists on HR Servers or not. mostly used by Member Roles Feature.)

  • Auto Update Supported! :white_check_mark:
    (Via you can check and get the latest version of Nova Automatically.)

  • Update Announcement Supported! :white_check_mark:
    (If users with Creator, Admins or VIPs roles join the room after Update they will noticed about the details via Chatroom or Direct for 3 days.)

  • Simple Panel Updated! :arrow_up_small:
    (At this version which is 3.0 it has 6 options: Wallet, Emotelist, Movements, Member Roles, Info and Version which is different in Languages.)

  • Setup File Updated! :arrow_up_small:
    (Now will check the required packages and will let you follow the rest of setup process if you install all of them successfully. Also it will always keep all of your package helpers up to date.)

  • Run File Updated! :arrow_up_small:
    (If you’re using replit as your Cloud CLI Environment you don’t have to run your bot from shell with the command python anymore. Instead you can easily click on the Green RUN Button which can be located at above your shell interface.)

  • Welcome Message Updated! :arrow_up_small:
    (When a user joins your room Nova will greetings with him/her and tell him/her how to access it’s Simple Panel.)

  • Emote List Updated! :arrow_up_small:
    (The number of active emotes increased to 63 different single emote.)

  • Package Helper Installer Bug Fixed & Updated! :hammer::arrow_up_small:
    (Say Goodbye to [ERR]: No module named 'requests' Error! We fixed it and added 2 more package helpers for your Nova Robot to run with Super Cow Powers.)

  • User Join Bug Fixed! :hammer:
    (Say Goodbye to [ERR]: unhandled errors in a TaskGroup (1 sub-exception) Error! We fixed it and you won’t see it again.)

  • Whisper At English Language Bug Fixed! :hammer:
    (At Nova 2.0 we detected a bug at Whisper method which was resulted in sending the reply in Chatroom if you asked the bot for it’s Wallet. But now, Choo Choo It’s Gone.)

  • Over 50 Small Bugs Fixed! :hammer:
    (We hosted one month Premium Plan for our Beta Users to test Nova 3.0 new features, security and stability. So I want to say A BIG THANK YOU to our wonderful Beta Users for their useful feedbacks and all of our Users for their patience till today.)

:green_book:Installation And Setup:

First choose the package according to your CLI Environment and Architecture:

Note: You can find out your CLI Architecture via uname -m command at terminal/shell!

Important: CLI Environment sometimes could be different from your device environment for example: Termux is an android apk, Replit Shell is a command-line interface (CLI) provided by the platform and Google Cloud Shell is a web-based command-line interface (CLI) provided by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) but they have Linux Environment! So Be Careful About The Package You’re Installing!

:inbox_tray: Method One: (Download the package from here)

  • Windows
  1. HR_SPACE_windows.x86(3.0).zip
  2. HR_SPACE_windows.x86_64(3.0).zip
  • Linux (Compatible with Replit Shell, Google Cloud Console and WSL)
  1. HR_SPACE_linux.aarch64(3.0).zip
  2. HR_SPACE_linux.armv7(3.0).zip
  3. HR_SPACE_linux.x86(3.0).zip
  4. HR_SPACE_linux.x86_64(3.0).zip (Recommended)
  • Android
  1. HR_SPACE_android.aarch64(3.0).zip
  2. HR_SPACE_android.armv7(3.0).zip
  3. HR_SPACE_android.x86(3.0).zip
  4. HR_SPACE_android.x86_64(3.0).zip

:inbox_tray: Method Two (Only For Linux Environments): (Download the package from terminal/shell)

  • For Downloading Via curl:
  1. For “aarch64” architecture:
    curl -Lo
  2. For “armv7” architecture:
    curl -Lo
  3. For “x86” architecture:
    curl -Lo
  4. For “x86_64” architecture: (Recommended)
    curl -Lo
  • For Downloading Via wget:
  1. For “aarch64” architecture:
    wget -O
  2. For “armv7” architecture:
    wget -O
  3. For “x86” architecture:
    wget -O
  4. For “x86_64” architecture: (Recommended)
    wget -O

And Second For running your bot, do the following steps one by one in your terminal/shell:

Note: Replace the package name at step 1. which is our recommended package with your downloaded package name if only it’s different and if you are using any other versions of “pip” or “python” please replace it at the following steps!

  1. unzip "HR_SPACE_linux.x86_64(3.0).zip"
  2. cd HR_SPACE
  3. python (And answer all questions correctly!)
  4. python

And that’s it!:boom:BOOM​:boom: your “Nova V3.0” is ALIVE NOW at the Room_ID you filled in!:rocket::new_moon:
Enjoy “Version 3.0” and Feel Free to Comment on This Post or our Official In-Game Support at @HR_SPACE_FAQ if you have any questions or feedbacks.:man_astronaut::blue_heart:

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