I have a reccomendation

hiii i have a really good recommendation. yall can like add a try on room in shop where you can make your own outfits and stuff to try the clothes on so you can see if you want to buy the clothes. personally me this really helps cause i would love to create an outfit to see if i like it before i spend my money on it. if someone wants to like pretend they have the stuff you can make it so they cant screenshot it or it has a watermark if they screenshot it. i would really really love this update because not only will it benefit players it will also be a really pretty addon and it would get many people (imcluding me) to play the game for hours. maybe you can need to buy like a gamepass with real currency to access the tryon room. and like the daily out creation thing people can post it on their accounts and the default caption can me smth like “look at this outfit i made in the tryon room! #tryon”. i would personally really really love this if it was an update cause i really really really love making outfits on this game but the items are really expensive and in the outfit creation thing there are limited items and i could only do it once a day. if any player likes this idea can yall like copy and post it on ur feed until the devs notice or something?

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there is a try on option for any items… so the whole issue here is something I see happening with Roblox right now where UDC creators are getting jipped especially for the games being created to use anything in the catalogue ex. club roblox, avatar creators and gfx enviroments. Allowing someone to wear the item they don’t own would essentially be doing the exact same thing and personally I feel that defeats one of the main focus’ of HighRise but it also makes the items kinda go down in value… I am pretty much a free player I get it, I am broke as a convict but from a creator, community, and developer standpoint… this is a feature that could easily get dicey and probably would cause an uproar in the long time players. I am not dissing your idea I am just saying its complicated as to why this hasn’t been done already… Now if they wanted something similar to this for the new HighRise plus they are planning to come out with but only with maybe the items in the current grab or event or something . Being a creator and player that transitioned from Roblox to HighRise and seeing all the heated debates with UDC and Roblox updates I just feel while it’s a good idea… it also is really hard to regulate such on such a large spectrum…

Also, the dev’s I am pretty sure check this feed pretty regularly last I checked there was only like 200+ people on this forum. So no need to copy, paste, and spam lol.