How can I design my own clothes

Hi can I create my own clothes

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Hiii, ofc you can but to get it on the game, you need to win the concepts and if you do, it ll be on the game plus you’ll get it in your inventory plus the money you make as a creator :slight_smile:

Well at least for now, maybe we can in the future make clothing assets and sell too as the 3D progresses; who knows x

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Actually @Arylux is right !! You can enter designs for concepts which are scheduled themed design bits for various events and grabs in mind etc… and the community votes on those… Like I said they are scheduled so make sure to check out your concepts tab in game so you can also vote for what you want in game.

However, there is also a feature called ideas where you can submit a design idea HR staff approves then it goes to funding phase this is where community can choose to pre-order and find your idea if you get enough funding during this phase your idea will be put in game and the said pre-orders get their copies… And if you don’t reach the funding goals the players who preordered get their money back and your item will not be put in game…

Essentially they want things the community will wear in game not just one singular person so concepts and ideas are the best way they’ve found to support creators while giving tbr community what they want :slight_smile:

If you need help with designing in HR style check out the create - learn tab and then the designers bit under that ! Hope this helps !! :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

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