Furniture Concept!?!?

I know, I know that is vague… and if y’all let us run free it would be ludacris. But what if y’all did it almost like a pumpkin and snow heads and give us a general base of a few items with or without a general theme of y’all’s choice (examples: blocks --the basic diff. shapes-- a movable door that doesn’t have to be mounted on wall and perhaps windows, maybe even one of the walls like what’s in the office pack and let us design it in concepts, or floors, or one or two simple furniture pieces) I could be asking for a lot but as a builder and designer I love the idea, but I also empathize and respect that the devs can only do so much without creating mayhem… I feel like this is something that could either go really good or really bad lol. Just thought I’d suggest it either way, because if it were possible to do in an organized manner, I think it would be awesome!! Anywho, be the person you need lerve you guys !!!


I think thats a brilliant idea! I would love designing structures rather than clothes honestly x

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Fr I just think we need some new aesthetics in the building dept lol

Im all up for it! Just waiting for highrise studio to fully be out so i can start making some good assets :heart_eyes:

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