How to edit player parameters?

Hi there!
I just started using HighRise Studio to create games.
I am trying to edit the basic example, the one with a cube.
I noticed that when you hit play in Unity editor an object called World gets instantiated.
What is the official way to edit this scene?(Am I allowed to do?).
I also want to edit the character, to attach a script to it, to change the default spawn position.
Thank you for your help

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Hi Superpaala!

if you search the assets window and click the “Packages” on the top you can search through the package assets.

In the package assets you can find WorldScene and HumanoidCharacter.
If you make a prefab variant of these you can use them instead, so in ProjectSettings > Highrise set the scene prefab to your world scene variant and in the world scene variant you can set the character prefab to be your humanoidcharacter variant.

Now when the player spawns their avatar it will use your custom prefab.
You can also see this being done in the Kaiju Template :slight_smile:

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How can I check the Kaiju template?
If I click on assets on the Highrise Studio Hub it opens a browser with an asset store and it says “We are updating our asset store. Please try again later.”

I apologize, not assets, the Project panel in Unity. There you can search the assets

do you mean Unity Hub? There are my previous projects. Is this template somewhere installed with HighRise Studio?

Searching inside my project window for Kaiju doesn’t return any results

Kaiju is a template you can build from the Studio hub. In the project window you can search for the WorldScene and HumanoidCharacter prefabs