Highrise Studio 0.1.5

What’s new?

  • Pre-made templates can now be selected upon making a new project
    • You can expect these to expand over time
  • Lua documentation now available on the Creator Portal Link
  • Updated the color scheme

What’s been patched?

  • Importing fbx meshes now automatically attach their default material texture if the material is in the same folder as the original FBX file or any parent folder that has the same name as the Texture you are using
    • For example if you were using a texture called “MyPalette.png” on a material in blender, then Highrise Studio will search for a material named “MyPalette” in the same folder as the imported FBX or parent folder
  • Version and build numbers now properly displayedFixed issue where Mesh assets would not save their properties
  • Fixed retaining properties when duplicating prefab instances
  • Fixed issue where Macs would fail to import audio files, breaking some projects entirely
  • Fixed rare issue where entering play mode would hard freeze if a lua script broke the room




Any idea where i can get the 0.2.1 which shows the latest? Is the access for the latest studio limited?

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