Creator Portal Update

Hello Creators! Happy Friday! :tada: We’ve got a huge update to our creator dashboard!

What’s New?

Archived Worlds: You can now toggle the “Show Archived” button in the worlds tab to view archived worlds.

Restore World: If you have previously archived a world and want to restore it, click on the ... icon in the worlds tab and select “Restore World.”

Leaving a World: You can now leave a world you were invited to by clicking on the ... next to the world and selecting “Leave World.”

Version History: Track the version history of your world, located next to the build section in your worlds tab.

Management Section:

  • API Keys: Create tokens with different scopes for various purposes.
  • Storage: View, edit, and delete objects directly from the dashboard.
  • Logs: Search and inspect the runtime logs of your world.

What’s Fixed?

  • Build Issues: The build not loading when uploading a new version has been fixed. It’s now compressed into a “Build” section that combines all iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows builds, providing a better visual experience.


  • Build Status: You can now see the status of the build (Live, Error, or Retired) with the exact time in minutes and seconds.
  • Description Section: Renamed to “Info” for better understanding.
  • Tooltips: When editing the world, hover over the tooltips on “Introduction” and “Info” to get a better view of their uses and in-game appearance.

We’re looking forward to seeing you put these tools to good use. Enjoy creating! :smile:

Additional Resources: