Build-An-Obby Game Jam

Announcing the Build-An-Obby Game Jam Challenge! Unleash your creativity and learn to craft immersive 3D worlds using Highrise Studio.

Highrise Studio is a Unity package that works with Lua scripting to enable creators to make fully interactive, 3D worlds in Highrise. The Build-An-Obby Game Jam is the perfect opportunity for beginner creators to learn the basics of Unity and HR Studio by following our obby-building video tutorial series!


  • Development Period: You have from now until the submission deadline to develop your world based on the theme for this game jam
  • Submission: Publish your world AND complete this form by the submission deadline to enter the competition. Submit your game any time between now and the submission deadline.
  • Participation Prizes: Building a game is no easy task! All creators will receive an exclusive Creator Hoodie after submitting their world!
  • Judging Period: All submissions will be listed in the Highrise Worlds directory for 1 week. The top 3 worlds with the highest amount of time spent by Highrise users at the end of the week will be granted exclusive prizes!
  • Winner Announcement: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be announced on June 24th.

:ballot_box: THEME

The Build-An-Obby game jam is the perfect opportunity for beginner creators to learn the basics of Unity and Highrise Studio! For this game jam, all creators must use the “Obstacle Course” template provided in Studio. This template is not a completed game! It’s your job to finish and customize the template to make the world your own! We have created this video series to show you how get started building your first obstacle course.

In order for a submission to be valid, all creators for this game jam must:

  1. Create a world by using the Build-An-Obby template in HR Studio
  2. Include all 3 obstacle types shown in the video series (static traps, moving traps, and trap doors)
  3. Add at least 3 new obstacles of your own creation to the world
  4. Customize the template by adding new 3D assets or replacing existing ones

Learn how to use the Build-An-Obby template here! If you’re brand new to Studio, try starting with our Highrise Studio 101 series.

Check out our video presentation for this game jam here!

:sparkles: PRIZES

ALL creators who submit a world will receive an exclusive Creator Hoodie item!

Earned gold will be granted to the creators of the top 3 games:

:trophy: 1st Place - 300k Earned Gold per Team

:trophy: 2nd Place - 200k Earned Gold per Team

:trophy: 3rd Place - 100k Earned Gold per Team

The top 3 game creators will also win:

  • 1 month in the Spotlight section of the Highrise Worlds directory
  • A mythical Robochirp pet!


  1. Game development should begin no sooner than Monday, June 3rd. Any worlds created prior to this date will be disqualified.
  2. Worlds must be published AND this form completed by Sunday, June 16th at 11:59PM (UTC-7).
  3. All worlds must meet the theme requirements.
  4. You may update your world with additional content and bug fixes after the submission deadline.
  5. You may use pre-existing code, art, and audio assets. However, worlds existing prior to the game jam announcement cannot be repurposed for this game jam.
  6. In-world gold or item giveaways are not allowed during the judging period.
  7. Participants will be immediately disqualified for anti-competitive behavior. This means no down-voting competitors’ games, botting to generate playtime, or any other behavior that goes against the spirit of fair competition!
  8. Solo developers and group efforts are welcome. Join the #studio-beta channel on our Discord to find other creators looking to team up.
  9. Gold prizes will be split evenly between all creators listed on the submission form.
  10. You must be 13 or older to participate.
  11. Worlds must adhere to the Highrise Community Guidelines

:date: Submission Instructions

Worlds must be published AND this form completed by Sunday, June 16th at 11:59PM (UTC-7)

:clock3: Timeline

Development Period: June 3rd - June 16th at 11:59PM (UTC-7)

Judging Period: June 17th - June 23rd

Winner Announcement Date: June 24th, 2024

:athletic_shoe: Getting Started

Ready to get started? Do this: