Announcing Game Jam Challenges!

Get ready for Highrise Game Jam Challenges! Unleash your creativity and come together to craft immersive 3D worlds using Highrise Studio.


Our first Highrise Game Jam in April was a huge success! We had so much fun playing your games and seeing the amazing worlds our community created!

Today, we are excited to announce Highrise Game Jam Challenges! Starting on Monday, May 13th, we will be hosting regular game jams where creators can showcase their skills, collaborate with others, and have fun making exciting worlds. During each event, we will be giving away 600,000 Gold, exclusive avatar items, and a spotlight on the Worlds page!

Each game jam will have a unique theme creators must follow while building their worlds. The theme will be announced on the first day of each event and creators will have 1-2 weeks to build their world. After all games are submitted, Highrise players will choose the winners! The top 3 games with the highest community engagement and ratings will win awesome prizes!


  • Gold Prizes:
    • First Place - 300k Gold per creator
    • Second Place - 200k Gold per creator
    • Third Place - 100k Gold per creator
  • Creators of the top 3 games will be granted exclusive, themed avatar items!
  • The top 3 games will be shown in the Spotlight section of our Worlds page for 1 month!


Mini-Jams (May 13th - July 28th, 2024)

Mini-Jams are a great way to get started learning Highrise Studio while having fun creating new experiences! The development period for these challenges will last 1 week and judging will take place the following week:

  • Mini-Jam 1: May 13th - May 26th
  • Mini-Jam 2: June 3rd - June 16th
  • Mini-Jam 3: June 24th - July 7th
  • Mini-Jam 4: July 15th - July 28th

Monthly Game Jams (Starting August 5th, 2024)

Monthly game jams are a great way to showcase your world-building skills and have fun creating with others! The development period for these challenges will last 2 weeks and begin on the first Monday of every month.

Join Us

Don’t forget to check the forums for our first Mini-Jam theme announcement on Monday, May 13th! We are so excited to see the creative and immersive worlds our community will create! Ready to participate? Join the Highrise community on Discord and get started!

Discord - Join the #studio-beta channel on Highrise Discord to participate
Creator Portal - Get started learning how to make worlds with Highrise Studio