Highrise Bot Creation Tutorial Series

Ever wanted to create your own bot in Highrise? I’ve created a new playlist and I am still working on it, covering all the basics to start creating your own Highrise bot. In this playlist, we cover all the scripts from the beginning to the end. Later on, we will include advanced topics like connecting databases and making this bot multipurpose, covering everything you need to know.

It’s completely free and designed for beginners, with each tutorial explained step by step. To get started, click on the following link: YouTube Playlist.

I highly recommend following every video step by step and not skipping videos unless you know what you are doing. Since this is a series, things might get confusing if you skip them.

Happy coding :smile:! Remember, the main goal of this channel is to teach people and not profit or gain subscribers, so you are free to subscribe or not! (I am not looking for interactions)


Yo I’m interested lol. I’m always interested in what you create!! But I’ve been dying to add my own playlist to my rooms without paying for and / or subbing to a radio broadcasting service !


I will consider adding this to the list of tutorials I’m doing for Highrise. In the meantime, I’m more focused on the world builder and the bots API. Until then, we’ll see what happens :slight_smile:


Hey hi creater the bot but on highrise site the section of bot and api keys is not showing me plss help

I also don’t see the bot page. Is there anyone who can help?