Announcing the World Creator Awards!

World Creator Awards are here! :trophy: Earn exclusive items and gold for using HR Studio to create engaging new worlds! :globe_with_meridians:

The World Creator Awards Program is a fun, new way to celebrate the accomplishments of our HR Studio creator community! From publishing your first world to rising through the top charts, creators will earn rewards as they complete milestones.

To celebrate the launch of this program and HR Studio, all Highrise users have been granted a World Creator Hoodie and Hard Hat! Check your gift inbox to claim these items! You can earn the rest of this item set by getting started with HR Studio:

  1. Create your first world and make it public to earn the World Creator Goggles & Mask
  2. Get 5 unique visitors in a single world to earn the World Creator Cargos

Additional rewards will be granted as other players spend time in your world! When your top-performing world reaches a new milestone, you will earn a Creator Award Plaque as both a wearable and furni item! The top award milestones will also earn you gold prizes! Here is an overview of all 8 milestones and prizes:

  1. 10 Hours: White Plaque
  2. 100 Hours: Black Plaque
  3. 1K Hours: Purple Plaque
  4. 25K Hours: Bronze Plaque & 100K Gold
  5. 100K Hours: Silver Plaque & 200K Gold
  6. 250K Hours: Gold Plaque & 300K Gold
  7. 500k Hours: Platinum Plaque & 500K Gold
  8. 1M Hours: Diamond Plaque & 1 Million Gold!


Q: How do I get started creating worlds with HR Studio?

A: Check out our getting started guide on the Create Forum to learn how to download HR Studio.

Q: How and when will I receive my creator awards?

A: Awards will be automatically sent to your gift inbox every Friday, starting June 21, 2024.

Q: Can I earn multiple awards on the same account?

A: No, each awards tier may only be earned once per account. Awards are based only on the top performing game owned by the account at the time of the award grant.

Q: How are award milestones measured?
A: Milestones are based on visits and play hours generated by users in your world since April 1, 2024. Visits and hours generated by the owner of the world will not count toward milestones.

Q: How can this benefit me?

A: Highrise Studio is a great way for beginners to get started creating immersive 3D worlds to share with friends! HR Studio is a Unity package that makes expressing your creativity easier than ever by introducing beginner-friendly Lua scripting and multiplayer networking support to the powerful Unity game engine. The Creator Awards Program provides a fun and rewarding way for to get started creating your own worlds while earning awesome prizes!


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