What Asset Packs do you want to see for World Builder?

In preparation for launching the World Builder, we are seeking requests for asset packs! The World Builder will enable you to build rich 3D worlds in Highrise. Let us know what kind of environment objects you’d want! Here’s a few examples of what we made already:

What worlds do you plan to make? Tell us, and we’ll start planning the asset packs!


I’m excited to see that HR is moving forward with this new engine! Obviously, any assets to do with clubs/music venues, HR specific games (pageants, bingo, blocks etc.), gold/tipping/money, and other “popular” experiences will be helpful! I myself would love to see more animated assets and lighting options to set the mood of the experiences! Also, little dust particles or weather animations would be really cool and a great way to create specific ambiance.


I think it would be super cool to have more interactive assets. Similar to the current treadmill asset how standing on it will cause your avatar to run on the treadmill. Other interactive things like this would be fun and really help bring certain room experiences to life.


I think we need packs like movie rooms where we can put videos in game on the screen!! To be able to share like YouTube videos and stuff or Netflix watch groups… but of course it would have to be appropriate and approved videos and imaging…


And interactive like amusement parks and rides and space rooms and dance Edm rooms with light movements and mystical fantasies worlds

Like if we made a candy room put raining sprinkles
And like the new items the ice cream animals furniture make it move back and forth when you sit on it

Or a merry go round moving Ferris when moving

Just more item interactions and movements in a whole really


another cool feature would be the ability to have a room board/boards so that either you, or a bot can post messages on. Some cool use cases would be the ability to post room welcome messages on it, Game rules/game leaderboards on it for game rooms, or highest room tippers/VIP users for club like rooms.


I wanna see if you can add in for movies night with big screen for anyone who wants to watch or for crew only. With YouTube link or other link to provide that aren’t inappropriate show/movie/ website. ( I believe they should make it where it only the mod or designer for it to put link on screen so that way not too many people spamming it)

Also if there a jail room or classroom I wanna see character sitting down as they are rising there hand up for questions or etc. And plus kinda hoping for the animation for people that are opening the door as they come in or out of the door way.


a lighting pack to add a life to the room with shadow to give it that night taste.


I would love anything for a greek/roman inspired look, like pillars! And more animated magical accents / atomopheric items. More variations of water would also be great, especially compatible combinations of block + floor + curved blocks that all have the same water texture!

I think interactive signs like (open) or (ready) would be good too! Also a 1-10 number randomizer instead of just dice. I also think more window / glass wall options would improve office / home builds. It would also be great to have doors and fences that were interactive, and for more doors that aren’t locked to the wall. It would also be great if doors/fences were interactive in the room without going into the build mode. It would also be incredible if fences only took up a half block of space!


Packages and assets required:

water; variation of clear and dark, clear and dirty water). 1x1

Fire; variations of fire and campfire, high medium and low. 1x1

Grass variations & grass colour variation. Grass also, low and high.

Smoke with the main colours, including black*. 1x1

Yarns, spinning and tangled yarns; low curves, high curves, straight, vertical and horizontal. 1x1

Initial effects; short circuit, mini & large explosion, glowing, raindrops, transparent wind lines, mini bubbles floating, horizontal and vertical Laser lines with and without glow.


Wow I can’t imagine that I’m seeing HR moving to its NEXT LEVEL.:tada:
I’m really excited for this update and I think this Update would be another different Unique Taste of Metaverse. Well I’m seeing alot of players who talks about the 3D Quality of HR NEXT, as we all know It’s another BIG UPDATE from Pocket Worlds Company and it will get better and better over time and eventually it will be a great masterpiece. I love it and I love your all hardworks for making this Update release sooner, so if I can help you guys with only suggesting some kind of environment objects, well this is a great honor for me.:blue_heart:

So here’s some suggestion from Me, My Friends and some Highrise Community Players:

  • More club objects like: DJ Discs, Speakers and Lights (would be great if the lights be automated color changing for dance of lights.)

  • More natural objects like: colorful trees, dark and light water, shadow affects, alive fire, realistic smokes and sunlight refraction by windows at day mode (would be better if light water had the reflection mode on and make small waves while a player walk into.)

  • More beach objects like: foot prints, winds and sea coast canopies (would be great if foot prints become visible while players walk on sand and canopies shakes by wind.)

I hope these suggestions have been helpful for you guys.:rose:
Tysm for reading this, LET’S MOVE TO THE HR NEXT!!!:rose::blue_heart::tada:


Love the new, bright furniture that came along with the Museum of Ice Cream event collaboration! The slide was really neat! It would be cool to have more interactions with pre-existing and new furniture such as versions of the avatar climbing up a ladder and going down a slide. Similar instance when it comes to using swings: having the swings actually rock while seated on them. Garbage cans etc, having the lids open. Common household items and appliances being interactive with use such as, opening a fridge or a microwave or having water move when entering it ( note depth of the water i.e. head above water, waste height, ankle height). I know there’s a huge opportunity to make experiences seem more life like for users, as a lot of the old, popular rooms that filled the navigation list were night clubs, cafes and schools. :slight_smile:


Testing blender, 3d things, producing a pie, I’ve been creating some 3d for some time and I’m trying to improve it for when the update reaches the creators.


Dinosaur and jurassic period stuff or even like Jurassic park type caged items heck you could make a zoo pack with like enclosure doors and gates and glass walls or cages and such and I could conjure up my own Jurassic Park haha. Im pretty innovative with whatever I am given as a builder lol I built in Club Roblox for years.

Also I wanna request some space stuff similar to what we have in the space packs now in the regular app, but perhaps render in some diff colored and textured space ground like the moon ground but maybe some sort of red tones for like mars or even some scifi-cyber punkish stuff. Meteors and comets would be cool.

And plants, like vines, hanging plants, organic style look, perhaps with a slightly less saturated green than most of what we have in reg. HR now to make it appear more organic and natural?

These are probably off the wall requests but I deff think that they would be useful to more than just myself. I am so excited to evolve with HR. And I can’t wait to get my hands on World Builder that’s what I have been most excited for!

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I agree with this as well it was deff a fun refreshing addition to the furniture shop

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This is a great idea but because of copyright laws and certain apps encryption because of copy written stuff and such it may be a struggle… also without actual age verification they would have to super mod what is being shared or streamed and thats a whole other ball game… I mean they do a darn good job of keeping everyone safe as of right now, sadly there are always bad apples that ruin it for the rest of the barrell and that always has to be considered.

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Howdy, I love this topic because having 3D rooms will really change the depth and quality of HR (as a community, if it can even be called a game anymore)
I plan on creating outdoor rooms as I am a lover of nature so some packs that’ll be helpful to all nature lover would be
-Cloud pack
-Smokey/Foggy pack with natural and unnatural colors
-Woodsy furniture, stuff you’d see at a park
-Trees, Grasses, bushes, etc.
-Water+ water decorations
-animals (that move ever so slightly but are realistic)
-insects (water bugs, crickets, cicadas, etc. )
-Falling twigs and leaves (for trees)

Again, these are just some things I can think of that I would use given its availability :slight_smile: Thanks for reading to the end, have a great rest of your day <3


I’m back to Blender too, after months! :grin: I made some basic blocks like slabs and stairs, I followed the tutos on YouTube so I hope I designed them correctly in order to import them in the builder :crossed_fingers:


Looking great … I’ve yet to refresh my blender brain hahaha so kudos to you !!