Teleport System buggy

There is issue with teleport system where the true position according to the game’s system isn’t updated when a user is teleported.

The way it seems to work is, when a user is teleported, their visual position for users in the room goes to the new position, as well as for the player themselves. However the game still thinks the user is in their old position. Only after teleporting a 2nd time does the position truly update for the game system.

This is hugely breaking in many circumstances, e.g. if a user is teleported, and then another user is teleported to their position, the 2nd user will be sent to their old position rather than new one. Also, if a player is teleported, then a user joins the room, that user sees them in their old position visually causing mismatch in visuals.

Would be great if this is fixable somehow, tysm