A few suggestions for the SDK

Here are a list of suggestions that should expand the possibilities of minigames and other useful tools in the game:

  • Get_room_users and on_user_move should return the current position instead of the position where the user aimed, that should enable creators to make Bots and mini games that require real time and relative position.
  • List of all Users who commented in a post should be available in the webapi. Currently it only returns 21 comments.
  • List of all Users who liked a post should be available in the webapi.
  • List of Users that are following, followed and friends, should be available in the webapi.
  • Deleted comments in posts shouldn’t be returned by the WebAPI.
  • Add a method to change the outfit of an User while they are in the room.
  • Add a method to enable voice for the bot, it could work with audio streams in a similar way to Discord Bots.
  • Add support for buttons or even inline buttons simillar to Telegram Bots.
  • Increase message lenght to 512 for bots.
  • Add support for trading.
  • Add support for posting.

Fell free to share your suggestion for the Highrise Bot SDK in this post.

  • Add statistics\users of crew if bot owner is founder of it.
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