Release: SDK Version 24.1.0

Update: SDK Version 24.1.0

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce an update to our SDK today.

New Features

  1. World Invites:
    You are now able to create world invites in the same way room invites were generated, except world_id is set instead of room_id:

    self.highrise.send_message(<conv_id>, message_type="invite", world_id=<world_id>)
  2. Bulk Sending of Messages:
    We have enabled bulk sending of messages to multiple users, up to 100 users.

    self.highrise.send_message_bulk(<user_ids>, message_type="invite", world_id=<world_id>)

    This method takes a list of user IDs instead of conversation_id, and it supports all types of invites or text messages like the regular send_message, with the limitation of the number of users being 100.

We hope you find this new functionality helpful.

Happy coding!

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