JavaScript SDK 1.1.3 released!

Hello JavaScript users,

We have updated the old highrise.js.sdk to highrise.sdk. For a comprehensive documentation on the changes and how to implement them, please visit here.

To get started, please follow these steps:

$ npm uninstall highrise-js-sdk
$ npm install highrise.sdk

Bot Customization

You can now change the bot’s appearance by modifying its avatar using the following methods:

  • Fetch the bot’s inventory: bot.inventory.get(). This returns a list of items that the bot has in its inventory.
  • Buy clothing items for the bot: This method attempts to purchase an item for the bot using its wallet. It can return either “success” or “insufficient_funds”.
  • Change the bot’s outfit: bot.outfit.change(). Use this method to update the bot’s outfit using the items available in its inventory.

Expanded API Data Accessibility

We have also expanded the accessibility to API data with the following methods:

  • Fetch specific item: WebApi.getItem(). Retrieve data for a specific item using its ID.
  • Fetch a list of items: WebApi.getItems(). Returns a list of items.
  • Fetch specific grab: WebApi.getGrab(). Retrieve data for a specific grab using its ID.
  • Fetch a list of grabs: WebApi.getGrabs(). Returns a list of grabs.

For more information, please refer to the latest Python SDK update, as both packages now share the same updates.

For a detailed explanation on how to use each method, please consult the documentation.

As creators of the highrise.sdk package, we are not obligated to provide a comprehensive explanation of how the API works. Our responsibility lies in providing and documenting our own methods. If you wish to delve deeper and gain a better understanding of the API, we recommend referring to the official Highrise documentation for the Bot API and Web API.