World Creation Guidelines

There are three core pillars to what makes Highrise unique. The first is its ability to give a platform to creators like you to unleash your creativity, whether it’s through designing items, hosting events, or crafting worlds. The other two core pillars that make Highrise unique are the shared experiences and the beautiful avatars that act as a canvas for self-expression. To that end, I’d like to formally introduce guidelines for worlds to lean into these core strengths of Highrise.

World Creation Guidelines:

  1. The Highrise avatar is required . Worlds and games are best experienced as yourself in the Highrise universe. Hiding, replacing, and removing the avatar diminishes this aspect that makes Highrise special. Note: temporarily hiding or changing the avatar for gameplay purposes is fine.

  2. Worlds should be multiplayer by design . This creates a shared experience that ultimately brings people together. Here are some examples: a. Worlds like dance clubs or cafes, where you’re engaging in a shared experience with other players. b. PVP games like Among Us, where you compete against each other. c. Coop games like Don’t Starve Together, where you’re teaming up to achieve a common goal. d. RPGs like Pokemon or Animal Crossing should exist as shared experiences where you see other players in the world. e. Games like Victory Rush, where you’re running a single-player obstacle course, but you’re doing it together with other people.

As worlds continue to evolve, we’ll add to and change these guidelines. My goal is to make worlds and Highrise the best experiences they can be, and I appreciate your help in making that happen!