Galactic Survival - turn based, tactical, battle royale

:crescent_moon: Hello everyone! :milky_way:

Today i want to talk about Galactic Survival, a game that i have been working on for quite a while. It is a turn based Battle Royale where the players take turns to walk, collect items, use them and attack other players. The last survivor wins!:tada::tada:

Game Features:
:star2: Action Points
Every player has 10 AP per turn. To use a medication you generaly need 2 AP while attacking another player costs you 6 AP. You can always see the required AP in the item description using info.

The longer the game runs, the higher the stage.
There are 4 different stages while every stage has better items to offer then the previous one. Also the meteors are causing more damage and most likely your enemies are getting stronger as well. Knowing about the stages can be what decides about your survival. Take good decisions and stay alive.

:star2:Item types
*:shield:Energy Shields
*:credit_card:Crypto-Wallets (use for some extra Moon Coins)
*:pill:Medication & Food ( to heal yourself )
*:crystal_ball:Moonstones ( to enhance your weapon and equipment )

:star2:Item Effects
Items can come with a variety of effects that as well change the items stats as it changes it’s name and description. You can recognise a Pistol with the Moonlight effect by it’s name being β€˜Pistol of the Moon’. Every equipable item can appear with up to three random effects.

:open_book:Interactive Text Interface
The text interface is straight forward and was inspired by GUI elements like Buttons, Textfields, Dropdown, List and so on. In fact, GS has all those elements in text-form to interact with using their name.

Examples: (exclamation marks are always optional)
[Name] - is a Button :ok: usage: !name
Name=β€˜β€™ - is a Textbox :memo: usage: !name=hello
[0] Empty - is a Dropdown MenuπŸ“œ usage: !0

:screwdriver: Crafting
You can not only find items with effects, you can also make them yourself!
All you need is an equippable item and one or more :crystal_ball:Moonstones.
The crafting menu can be choosed under [opt] within the inventory. Use it on a weapon, companion or equipment to open the crafting menu. Choose up to 3 Moonstones and [Save] your new item to be even more powerful than you have already been!

Companions can be found during the entire game. They can have active or passive effects. While some may heal you or attack foe in range, some have a special ability that can be activated by petting your companion. Rumors tell that the :fox_face:Moonfox makes you invincible for some time.

So far there are three different events in the game.
*Meteor Shower
*Item Drop

:shopping:The trader arrives every 10 turns to offer all kind of goods to the players. If you found some Crypto-Wallets earlier now you can spend your Moon Coins for a better :gun:weapon, a :spoon:spoon or a cute little :rabbit2:bunny.

:new_moon:Meteor Showers randomly throw giant space rocks to the players, causing quite some damage. If you are already low on health, they can be your end.

:package:Item Drops are cargo containers, being dropped on a parachute :parachute: before they land on one of the star fields. The first player to arrive at the location will be rewarded with a hand full of random items. Try to never miss out on those!

I hope i could make you curious and i will see you in the game!
Room: Galactic Survival1
For updates and game invitations ask @Mia.Moon for an invitation to the Galactic Survival Group.


Hello everyone! :crescent_moon:

The Game Update v1.2 is live, with plenty of improvements and three new features added.

:one: Game Hosting:
Now everyone can host games, noone depends on Moderators anymore.
use the !host command to open up your game to up to 50 Players!

:two: Rewarding System:
For every joined player, 25 Moon Coins are added to the prize pool.

:three: Tutorial:
A tutorial has been added to explain the basics of the User Interface and the Gameplay to new players. Use !tutorial to get started.